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Navigator Corporation is unique information service of medical logistics, which specializes in the analysis of global databases and engaging of international experts, individually for each case.

We take upon ourselves your organizational problems.

We consider your financial abilities and personal circumstances.

We accompany you as long as you need our services.

Why is «unique»?


Because our company was founded on the base of the Foundation of Scientific Research Support «Science for Life Extension», Human Stem Cell Institute, which, in its turn, was the base of the Genetiko Company.


Over the years of work in Foundation, our experts brought together world-class experts, working in different fields, such as clinical medicine, oncology, genetics, molecular biology.

And over 15 years Human Stem Cell Institute became a platform for the creation and development of the latest technologies in Russia: gene therapy, regenerative medicine.

We decided to combine all these opportunities in order to help individual person that he could already use the services of the personalized medicine based on advanced scientific knowledge and achievements.

We help the client to define strategy for the solution of medical problems.


However, we have not obligations to the clinics; so this give us possibility to provide an objective and personalized approach.


With Navigator you can:


  • To get information about the available molecular diagnostic tests for more accurate diagnosis or risk assessment of disease occurrence.


  • To learn second, third, particular opinion of Russian and foreign experts about strategy of your diagnostics and treatment.


  • To monitor possible medication for your case.


  • To become the customer of personal scientific research, when molecular biologists, geneticists, experimental oncologists can develop a diagnostic test or even a cure especially for you.


  • To find out your biological age, based on the latest achievements of science. This will help to create for you personalized program of extending healthy and active life.


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Telephone: +7 (495) 998 43 54


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