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Program “Manage your Age”

Our clients spent the week of May 6-13 in Latvia, Liepupe Manor, side by side with the world’s leading specialists in personalized medicine that were available around the clock… 


The next check-ins are scheduled for September.
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One cannot change one’s body or even undergo any minimal wellness course in one week’s time. This is done by numerous SPA hotels with various wellness programs that are intended, if these programs are correct, for three weeks at least. Many of them are very good and produce an effect, but afterwards, when a person returns to the routine activities and everyday life, this effect evaporates quite soon.


How can one avoid it?

Obtain an instrument and a stimulus to control one’s own body and, consequently, one’s age under any circumstances.

To do so, you primarily need the knowledge to follow the recommendations consciously.

You need specialists that will draw your individual strategy together with you.

You need tests that will help drawing this strategy.


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Finally, you need a subjective experience – that is, to have a foretaste of recommendations and new activities you might use and practice once this week is over. You might accept certain things and reject the others, but, one way or another, the NEW is bound to enter your life.


These four points are what we tried to execute together during the “Latvian week”.

Many thanks to our partners in Latvia – Cyber Knife Sigulda, Consilium Vetritas Clinic  and the owners and personnel of Liepupes Manor Hotel.


Schedule of the program




Our magic house Liepupes Manor Hotel
Our magic house Liepupes Manor Hotel

The experts Dr. Mario Krause, Dr. Tatyana Amirova and Prof. Yuri Kropotov have met altogether here for the first time. How can they combine their efforts to help the patient?

Lectures by experts are an important part of the program. Tatyana Amirova speaking about personal genetics.

Demonstration of the latest methods to determine the cognitive state under supervision of Prof. Yury Kropotov.

How can one meet a medical challenge? Advices by “Navigator”.

Dessert by Dr. Krause and wonderful chef of Liepupe Manor – no-gluten and no-sugar waffles.

Innovations everywhere – here we are testing the advanced-design sticks for Scandinavian walking.

It is 6 km to the seaside, so there are possibilities for perfection.

Music, music. The program is made specifically for us. Performers are Elena Revich and Stanislav Dyachenko, laureates and winners of numerous international competitions.

Learning how to play golf – the best activity for body and mind.

Learning how to play golf – the best activity for body and mind.

Don’t feel like leaving. But we will be back here for a checkup.