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Our services

  • Familiarization with medical documentation of the client. Determination of a preliminary strategy for action.

  • Assistance in organization of specifying and additional diagnostics in Russia and abroad.

  • Organization of second opinion in Russia and abroad.

  • Accompaniment of the client during visits to the doctor, assistance in communication.

  • Providing the client with FULL (at present) information about the disease, its causes, existing and promising methods of specifiying diagnostics, treatment.

  • Monitoring of latest methods of diagnosis and treatment, existing in the world; targeted search of the relevant institutions for each case.

  • Providing the client with information about ongoing in the world clinical trials of new methods and drugs.

  • Assistance in organization of personal anti-aging program: determination of the biological age, control, monitoring and selection of nutrition systems, physical  exercises.

  • Organization of the research process to develop a personal treatment or creation of an individual drug for a particular patient.

  • Communication with medical centers, translation of medical documents, correspondence.

  • Services of hosting, accompaniment, translation, transfer, etc.


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Telephone: +7 (495) 998 43 54


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